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Monday, March 17, 2008

TSO's After Action Report From Winter Soldier II

Thus Spake Ortner over at The Sniper has posted his After Action Report from Winter Soldier II. TSO sat through Friday's "testimonies" and live-blogged everything that was going on. I encourage everyone to read his AAR and his live-blogged posts - he did a phenomenal job and has quite a sense of humor.

I applaud TSO and Jonn for their "non-partisan" reports. They reported the facts and gave us all a unique insight into WSII.

I also want to thank ArmySergeant - who TSO has now outed as Sgt. Selena Coppa. (Yes - ArmySergeant is a "she"). She did a great job getting TSO and Jonn into WSII and made sure they were safe from any attacks of "awesome-ness".

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