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Saturday, March 15, 2008

WaPo Reporter Dissed "Non-IVAW" Blogger at WSII

Interesting to read Steve Vogel's report on Winter Soldier II in today's Washington Post. Typical of any report involving claims of "war crimes" and "atrocities" committed by US Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, no fact checking was done. No verification of the claims. Everything was taken at face value. But what should you expect from a reporter that calls the first Winter Soldier debacle as "controversial". Such a mild word for such a black mark in America's history...

As far as wanting to get both sides of the story, Steve Vogel did throw in a couple of lines from retired Colonel Harry Riley. But Vogel had an opportunity to interview TSO who was live-blogging WSII and could have given a perspective from a non-IVAW point of view. Here's what TSO wrote about the encounter...

Walking back with the private goon (jk) run into Wash Post reporter (Vogel?) interviewing Vets For Peace guy. So I say hey, just wanted to let you know that the "so called hostile bloggers" are in the back row in case you want to talk to us and provide some balance.

We waves me off and says no.

And if that wasn't enough, big bad Geoff Millard confronted TSO about making "unauthorized contact" with the WaPo reporter...

Maybe being thrown out, wait one. (Geoff Millard let me know they are monitoring Sniper, and apparently I violated a rule by talking to the Post guy. Which is odd since I had his people with me and was told it was okay. Whatever, they said I could stay. Whupee! Honestly didn't know.)

My My - monitoring what is being blogged? Need authorization to speak to a reporter? Just a tad touchy for a group that is all about free speech and speaking out.

Looking forward to more reports from WSII today.

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