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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NOW McClellan Decides to Grow a Spine

One of the biggest media mistakes that President Bush made was to bring in Scott McClellan as WH Press Secretary. He was completely out of his element and the press ran roughshod over him. Not only were his answers just plain wimpy but his voice and mannerisms showed extreme discomfort any time the heat was turned up. I truly believe that he hurt the Bush Administration more than helped. I was tickled pink to see him go.

Well now Scotty has decided to grow a spine and start speaking out - biting the very hand that fed him... From the Politico...

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan writes in a surprisingly scathing memoir to be published next week that President Bush “veered terribly off course,” was not “open and forthright on Iraq,” and took a “permanent campaign approach” to governing at the expense of candor and competence.

The President was not open and forthright on Iraq? What brand of KOS kool-aid has Scotty been drinking. If anything he is the only one that has stood his ground while everyone else around him was caving in. Scotty needs to look in the mirror when he wants to talk about incompetence.

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