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Sunday, May 04, 2008

What a Week I Had!

Yes, Yes - I'm still here. A severe case of bronchitis coupled with major job headaches has kept me away from the computer for most of the week. I'm feeling better except for the cough that sounds like I have a case of TB.

What a week this has been... We are so short staffed at work that I have been out making home health nursing visits. After shaking off a case of cobwebs, it was like riding a bike - drawing blood, cleaning dirty wounds, etc. - and it made me realize why I love being a nurse so much.

But in my 13 years of home health nursing, I came across the most bizarre scene I have ever witnessed. I was driving along a "country" road in one of the towns we serve and rounded a curve to see firetrucks and police cars. I figured it was a car accident since the road is curvy. So I slowed down to get through the pile of vehicles and here's what I saw....

It was not a car crash but a plane crash! The small plane crashed right in the driveway near the edge of the road. Mercifully, all 3 on board are expected to recover fully but damn... the road is lined with trees and electrical lines and the pilot managed to miss them all. Add another chapter to the weirdness that is home health nursing...

After babysitting my darling grandson who has turned into the world's fastest crawler around the house, I settled in to watch the Nascar Sprint Race from Richmond. Yes - I am a Nascar junkie and am a member of Junior Nation.... Unfortunately my fatigue got the best of me and I missed the last 50 laps. Well - it was probably a good thing since Kyle "weasel" Busch spun out Junior at the end and probably cost Junior the win. My husband was glad I was asleep cause I would have probably busted the TV (yes I am a redneck).

But the best part of the week (besides playing with Boston) was the "gift" from my husband... a new Ford Escape with satellite radio so I can listen to talk radio when I'm out in the boondocks making nursing visits. Bad part - I was too sick to drive it for 2 days.

The best part about being sick - I got to finish Michael Yon's "Moment of Truth in Iraq". All I can say is WOW! I cannot recommend this book highly enough. And yes I did finish the lie-fest also known as Dahr Jamail's "Beyond the Green Zone". It was disgusting and required a dose of Phenergan prior to each reading session just to get through it. When things settle a bit, I'll be posting and debunking many of his claims. But suffice it to say his book is published by Haymarket Books which is an arm of the Socialist Party.

So here's hoping this week is quieter so I can get back to blogging regularly. In the meantime, here's a gratuitous pic of my 8 1/2 month old little angel, Boston, learning how to play patty-cake Saturday.

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