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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Heh - Heh - Ya Gotta Love That Karma...

A few weeks ago I posted about resigning from my full-time position with a home health company and going to work on a casual basis making home health nursing visits. I posted about the complete and utter disregard for anyone other than those in the selected "clique" and how one day karma would bite them in the ass.

Well that day has come. After all the crap the local agency put me through, I have been offered (and accepted) a position with the same home health company but based out of the corporate office - not the local agency. I will be doing essentially the same thing that I did when I worked full time at the Agency but get this - I will be working out of my home. Yes - I can get up and go to work in my pj's... The position is full time salaried with full benefits minus the expense of driving to work and eating out everyday. Sure I have a quota of work that must be done and I have to ensure that I am putting in my full 8 hours everyday but no more hassles of the backstabbing and traffic jams.

And the company is not slacking on anything for my home-based work. I got a shipment of 4 boxes from an office supply company that included all office supplies I might need (down to a wooden ruler), a filing cabinet, shredder and paper. The laser copier/printer/fax will be shipped next week. The phone company is coming to install a separate phone line for my fax machine at the company's expense. I'll pick up my new laptop next week when I'm out of town at the corporate office for a week-long training session. I already have a home office setup that I remodeled when I started writing my 2nd book so it is perfect. And did I mention that they are flying me to the corporate office and paying for the hotel, rental car and all meals?

Meanwhile the gals back at the agency office are working their fingers to a frazzled nub. They are being sent out in the field to make visits and still expected to perform their other full-time position. But hey - they asked for it. They crapped on everyone else and didn't care who they hurt to keep their position at the agency. I paid for their underhandedness then - now they are paying for it.

Yes - Yes - I know that no job is perfect and there are going to be some days that I absolutely wonder what the hell I was thinking... but for now I am in full gloat mode.

So I'll be out of touch for the next week while I'm at the corporate office for training... Hold the fort down for me and stay outta trouble until I get back.

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