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Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm A Cracker, She's A Cracker - Wouldn't You Like to Be a Cracker Too?

I guess I can add "Cracker" to the list of my alternative names on my blogger profile. Transcript from Michelle Malkin...

BAIER: Set up by the Barack Obama campaign. What about that, Bob? Do they need to do this kind of thing?

BECKEL: Well, I suppose they need to do it. But frankly, it requires voters to be civic-minded and go and check these things out. And I don’t think that many of them will. But look: The Internet has changed two things in politics substantially this year. One is money. And the other is how you deliver smears. And what has happened here, particularly against Barack Obama, whether it’s his middle name, whether it’s the fact that he’s black, purely racist and bigoted stuff that I get through my Internet mail, what’s happened is, it comes from these right-wing bloggers and then, the question is—and it gets picked up by right-wing radio talk show hosts—and then, the question is, does the mainstream media then begin to ask questions about it, which then legitimizes it, and that’s really the problem.

It’s people in your business, Bret, that have got to—you gotta not ask these questions—because what it does, when you do ask the question, it then lets the radio talk show hosts come back and say something. I got into a problem with Rush—

BAIER: I’ll say that’s a fine thing to say, however, let’s say that in this bushel of things that you get one that really is true?

BECKEL: If you’ve got some evidence, that’s fine. But these guys don’t have any evidence. This story that they ran about Michelle Obama, which by the way, I got in some trouble on by trying to cut it off and, and Rush Limbaugh got on the radio and said, ‘Well, Bob Beckel mentioned it’—I did not mention it. I said that there were smears coming around, one of them had to do with Barack Obama, and that gave Limbaugh the chance to say it all over again. Look, that is a not true story. You wouldn’t go with that story without some evidence…

BAIER: No, of course not. But my point is, is that they’ll paint a big brush here, and perhaps in the mix, there may be something a reporter may be afraid to go after, uh, that there would be some truth—

BECKEL: Well, I’ll tell ya what. Let these crackers and right-wingers prove it before they put it, before they come out…

It's a good thing Beckel isn't Pinnochio or his nose would be super long right about now. (Insert obligatory link to Beckel's Blank Check Hooker file over at the Smoking Gun). Note to Beckel - that damn right wing conspiracy does know how to "google" and watch TV.

Maybe I should change my blog's name to "Cracker Express"....

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