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Friday, June 20, 2008

No Hope - Just Out and Out Audacity (Obama's New Seal) - UPDATED: RNC Issues Comment on Obama Fake Presidential Seal

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Jeez - talk about arrogance and audacity. I feel like I'm watching my kids play school with the fake teacher sign. Nothing like a little fake Presidential Seal to make a statement...

Notice how he took out the American Flag from the Presidential Seal... Notice that their is nothing "Patriotic" in his new Obama-Nation seal. What's next - redesigning $$ with Michelle's photo?

Excuse me for just a minute....

UPDATE: Obama's campaign does a "whaddya mean?" But the RNC delivers a rip-snortin' comeback...

Asked about the resemblance, Obama spokesman Bill Burton replied, "Just because it has an eagle?"
UPDATE: The Republican National Committee didn't pass up a chance to gig Obama over the logo. "Unfortunately for Barack Obama, props won’t seal the deal with the American people," RNC spokesman Danny Diaz said in a statement. "Obama will be judged on his record not oversized, make-believe presidential logos."

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