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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Obama, Medea & Jodie - A Meeting the Media Won't Cover

CodePink founder and Obama bundler, Jodie Evans, had a nice meeting and conversation with The Obama at a Hollywood fundraiser on June 24. Here's how the conversation went according to lefty traitor Medea Benjamin (who gives what sounds like a firsthand account of the conversation). NOTE - the pertinent part starts about 1 minute in...

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The pool reporters covered the fundraiser but did not mention Evans. You can read the pool report here.

And for those not familiar with Jodie Evans' ties to The Obama here is a snip from a previous post I did back in June.

One name that really popped out while perusing the list of bundlers was Jodie Evans of CodePink fame. Jodie has greased Obama's palms with a total of $50,000 + for his Presidential run. Doesn't CodePink qualify as a "special interest group"? And why hasn't Obama gotten the pink rose treatment like the Pinkos did for Jack Murtha?

I think that video would make a great campaign ad..... FOR John McCain. Nice to know that treasonous bitches like Medea and Jodie have the ear of the presumptive democratic presidential nominee.

But Kristinn over at FreeRepublic sums it up quite nicely...

Barack Obama has no problem meeting with her, accepting her money and enlisting her aid in his campaign.

Whether he does exactly as she wants when she wants is beside the point. The point is Evans has the blood of American soldiers on her hands--and Obama embraces her without reservation. And he wants to be commander-in-chief.

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