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Friday, September 26, 2008

I've Got a Bracelet Too (but I have to check my cheat sheet for the soldier's name)

Round One is over and I thought McCain nailed it. He was clear, straight forward and to the point. Obama kept twisting around his answers and some how ended up talking about education. Obama lost big points for his behavior and mannerisms - the interrupting and the facial expressions. No surprise Juan Williams thinks The One was the winner. Obama needs to find some new people to prep him for debates - if that's all he got out of almost a week of intensive training, it was pretty weak.

My one wish - when Obama said "your president" I wish McCain had pointed out that if Obama was a citizen of the US, President Bush is his President too.

McCain already has an ad out - damn they are fast....

Obama's camp is saying that McCain is stuck in the past by bringing up his experience and Obama shows that he is all about change. Dear Lord that is WEAK!!!!

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