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Thursday, October 09, 2008

ACORN - The Nuts Behind the Dems

First up is a video from ACORN highlighting some of their "great work". Interesting because it features comments from Paul Begala, Sherrod Brown, Bob Casey and more lauding the work of ACORN. It's long but informative. Pay close attention to the music about mid-way thru - "Yes We Can". HMMMM now who does that remind me of????

Next is a video of an ACORN protest outside of a McCain campaign headquarters. "We're going to beat McCain down" must be part of the in-your-face campaigning Obama was talking about. The Obama hat was a nice touch, too.

Last and most important, go here and sign the petition demanding a full investigation into ACORN. Lots of great links and articles at also.

A piece of advice - when you see a Dem talking head spouting the "Obama has no connection to ACORN" meme, send an email to the show with a link to any of the fact based articles about Obama and ACORN. Steve Gilbert over at Sweetness & Light has mountains of fact-filled postings. If we don't stand up to the media lies, no one will...

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