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Monday, December 22, 2008

Gag Me With A Spoon - Obama in Hawaii

I can't post the picture cause I'm just getting over an intense GI Virus and just attempting to copy/paste the pic made me gag... Yes some paparazzi has some pics of BO in the Hawaiian surf and has them labeled as "pec-tacular". Personally seeing a man with a waxed chest sucking in his gut just doesn't appeal to me but I'm sure the BO-acolytes are just drooling all over their computer keyboards.

So far BO has worked out, swam and played some golf. No memorial service yet for his "beloved" grandmother who died almost 2 months ago but priorities are priorities. Valerie Jarrett is joining the "family" vacation so I guess it's a good thing she took her name off Blago's list.

And while America digs out from snow storms and ice and the economy continues to tank and people are struggling to buy oranges to fill their kids stockings with, BO is staying at a $9 mil home in Hawaii. Where is the outrage? I remember people getting their drawers in a wad at President Bush taking vacations "while America suffered" and he was staying at his own home in Crawford. BO won't have to worry about the protesters camping out at his vacation spot since he plans on using Hawaii as the "Western White House".


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