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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Palestinian Apologists Start The "Bombing Hospitals" Meme - When Will They Claim the Next Qana III?

The lemmings in the world, aka Palestinian apologists, have already started the "Israeli forces are bombing hospitals and killing innocent children" meme in their television interviews. Today Greg Jarrett completely shut one nutcase up and cut her off before she could continue to spew her lies.

Now the only thing left is to have Kevin Sites and Dahr Jamail on site chronicling the Israeli atrocities while completely ignoring the Palestinian bombs and deaths of innocent Israelis. It's like a damned version of deja vu... Palestinians start crap and when their asses get handed to them, the intrepid "fake media" apologists start beating the "dead children" drum. Next up - Israelis are bombing ambulances trying to take wounded children to the hospital but then the hospitals were bombed and the children died in route. Usually the pics show kids with clean bandages and no blood - guess they haven't got the special effects memo yet from Hollywood.

Seriously - keep an eye out of Dahr Jamail and his infamous on-site reporting... It's worth a laugh or two just for the absolute terrorist sucking up slant to it.

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