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Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Next Head You Hear Exploding Will Be My Ex's

Who-wee - someone is going to have a serious head exploding moment in a few days when they get my counter to the divorce papers that he tried to bully me into signing. No wonder he was in such a hurry to get me to sign on the dotted line - there was a lot at stake. After meeting with my attorney I got the truth and a lot more pain...

First of all, GA is an "equitable distribution of assets and debts accumulated during the marriage" state. That's why he came to me with the papers thinking that I would just sign them to have this all over with. He knew if I fought back that I would be entitled to a heckuva lot more than he was willing to pony up. I'm not vindictive but I do believe in fairness. His offer was WAYYYYY less than fair and just demonstrates what a jerk he really is.

That's the pain part. Knowing my history and how bad the depression is when I am off my meds and he still pushed this on me. What would have a few days done other than let my meds start kicking in so I could handle this whole thing better? Not only that but he took advantage of my mental and emotional state and attempted to force me into signing the divorce papers - I guess he thought I would just roll over for him like I did the last 10 years but NO MORE! Then he tells his friends about the divorce the next day in case I start my "crap" again - I guess he means slitting my wrists again. He shouldn't flatter himself like that - he wasn't worth going through that hell again.

Now he's telling everyone that our divorce is final... Sorry old chum but it ain't and until the final decree is signed you are still married to me. Anything you do during this time will be fair and open game should we end up in court. Ya hear that TC?

In honor of the total a-hole that he his, I hereby decree that on my blog everytime I want to type "sh&%" I will use the name "Herby Boyd". That is the perfect use for his name which by the way I am giving back in the divorce decree. I think everyone should start doing this in honor of a low-class, self-centered, mean hearted, selfish pig bastard that I used to call my husband - it fits him to a tee.

And no I'm not bitter - I'm just telling the truth for the first time in 10 years. It's amazing how liberating this whole experience has been and continues to be.

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