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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party in Richmond Hill GA - Updated

We had a great turnout for the Richmond Hill Tax Day Tea Party especially considering the size of our community and the early morning time. Participants lined up on all 4 corners of Hwy 144 and Hwy 17 at 0715 so we could catch the people heading to work. Lots of thumbs up and honking from people driving by. No infiltrators from HuffPo or any of the other lefty sites. No vulgar signs and completely non-partisan. Didn't see any operatives from the Dept of Homeland Security snooping around either - though many of us could be considered "right wing extremists" based on Napolitano's little memo. Things broke up around 0830 cause many of us had to get to work. All in all a great AM and a sign that people are waking up around here.

Today at 12n there will be a Tax Day Tea Party at Rousakis Plaza on River St in Savannah. Then at 5pm there will be a Tax Day Tea Party Townhall at B&D Burgers on Abercorn Ext in Savannah sponsored by WTKS 1290 AM. I can't attend either due to work and a Bible study class but if you are in the area please show your support.

Here are some pics of the signs and the participants. I have all the pics posted over on Facebook - click here to see them all.

Updated: The Savannah Morning News already has an article up about our demonstration. They listed the number at 60 people which is about right. You can read the article here.

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