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Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Time for Justice in Savannah GA

This weekend we were subjected to "I Am Troy Davis" rallies and racist rants from the NAACP and other Troy Anthony Davis Supporters. I tried to keep my cool about it because the Savannah Morning News has written more stories about Troy Anthony Davis despite numerous letters, etc. But the article today took the cake...

Yesterday they held a rally at a downtown church. The Rev Raphael Warnock (a Southern version of Jeremiah Wright) claimed that executing Davis would be a "lynching" and was typical of Georgia's treatment of blacks. NOT ONCE did the Savannah Morning News bother to note the massive number of appeals and hearings this cop killer has received since his conviction. So I penned my own letter to the editor to set a few facts straight. I'm posting it here cause I doubt the Savannah Morning News will print it. In the meantime, call the DA's office in Savannah (Larry Chisolm) and let him know that you are tired of all this crap and justice for Mark Allen MacPhail is long overdue...

Dear Editor
For 2 straight days we have been subjected to racist rants and a complete obfuscation of facts from the supporters of Troy Anthony Davis via the Savannah Morning News. Unfortunately the articles focused on accusations from Davis’ supporters and failed to provide a fact-based review of the claims.

Almost 20 years ago, Officer Mark Allen MacPhail was gunned down while attempting to stop a savage beating of a homeless man. Officer MacPhail, working off duty, never unholstered his weapon. He was shot in the chest – the bullet entered above his vest and severed his aorta. While he lay dying on the ground, the shooter stood over Officer MacPhail and shot him point-blank in the face. The shooter, according to evidence and confimed by a jury of his peers, was Troy Anthony Davis.

As of October 2008, this case had been reviewed by 29 judges in 7 different types of review per former DA Spencer Lawton. In late 2008, the Ga Board of Pardons and Paroles denied Davis’ application for clemency. According to the official documentation of their decision, the Board made several key points that Davis’ supporters fail to ever mention during their "rallies".

The Board spent a year studying and reviewing the case. Davis’ attorneys presented every witness they desired, including Davis, and the Board had an opportunity to question each of the witnesses after their testimony. The Board studied the entire trial transcript, the police reports and original witness statements. The Board also had physical evidence retested. Despite all of this, they denied clemency.

This was just ONE of the reviews that Davis’ case received. Yet Davis’ supporters continue to claim that “no one” has looked at all the evidence and “the courts won’t listen”. That is simply a bald-faced lie and an attempt to manipulate public sentiment with unsubstantiated propaganda.

The most vile part of the supporters’ claims is the frequent use of the “race card”. Davis has claimed that he was convicted simply because he was black and couldn’t get a fair trial. His sister, Martina Correia, once attempted to use the tragic murder of Jennifer Ross as an example of the racist judicial system in Chatham County. But to have Rev Warnock remark about Georgia’s “history of discrimination against black folk” while claiming the execution would be “a lynching” is just over the top and beyond the pale. Playing the race card is simply an attempt to blackmail the legal system.

This is not a case about race – no matter how much they try to play the “get out of jail free” race card. This is a case about the murder of an innocent police officer attempting to rescue a homeless man from a beating and paying for it with his life. This is about a young man with a wife and 2 small children murdered in cold blood on the city streets by a young man who had already shot another person earlier in the same evening. This attempt to portray Savannah Police, the Chatham County Court System and Savannah citizens as racists who finger innocent black men just because of the color of their skin is reprehensible.

Troy Anthony Davis has had over 20 years to appeal his death sentence. Officer Mark Allen MacPhail was given a death sentence the night this thug took his life and it’s time for justice to be served.

To see more facts about this case, search Troy Anthony Davis or Mark MacPhail on my blog. There are links to actual court documents for you to read for yourself.

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