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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Washington Post Turns Blind Eye to Obama's "Single Payer Healthcare" Promises

It is just getting beyond ridiculous when a "national" media organization like the Washington Post publishes a story about Obama's willingness to compromise on "single payer healthcare" but fails to include Obama's own words in 2003 and 2007 about his "plan". It's not like his speeches where he says "I happen to be a proponent of single payer healthcare" are hidden away in some vault. The actual videos of Obama with the words coming out of his mouth are all over YouTube and alternative media. Yet the lamestream media continues to operate under the influence of Obama kool-aid...

From the WaPo courtesy of "reporters" Micheal Shear and Ceci Connolly...
Administration officials insisted that they have not shied away from their support for a public option to compete with private insurance companies, an idea they said Obama still prefers to see in a final bill.

The president has maneuvered gingerly around the issue of a public plan, largely maintaining that he prefers to include the public option in a new insurance marketplace. He often argues that competition from a government plan -- without high executive salaries and the need to post profits -- could keep big insurance companies "honest."

"Maneuvered Gingerly"?? Is that what you call lying now? Good grief - do these reporters have no shame? Obama's double-talk and blatant lies are not some vast right wing conspiracy or some trumped up "birther" nonsense. YOU CAN SEE AND HEAR IT FOR YOURSELF!!! Don't believe me - how about Dear Leader's own words...

As usual, Obama's response to any friction in his party - fire up the community organizers...

In search of new momentum, Obama plans to discuss the matter Thursday with thousands of his most loyal supporters in a nationwide "strategy call" hosted by Organizing for America, a grass-roots arm of the Democratic National Committee.
He is likely to repeat what he and his top surrogates have said for months: that he will not "draw a line in the sand" about the inclusion of a public plan and that no one provision is a "deal breaker" as long as the final legislation embraces his broad principles for reform.

Know this and know this well... whatever type of healthcare reform is passed under the reign of Pelosi, Reid and Obama will have some little quirk in it that will simply be the seed of single payer healthcare. It will be a certain turn of the phrase that will leave the door open for Big Government to step in and take over. They can call it a co-op or whatever. If it walks like a socialist and talks like a socialist, it is a socialist.

Obama's fond of mocking opponents' claims - the so-called Trojan Horse. Well if this crap passes, we're going to need a whole lot of "trojans" cause we'll all be taking it up the backside.

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