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Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Hits From Van Jones Just Keep on Coming (and you thought Rev Wright was bad)

Man this guy Van Jones is just a plethora of racist rants, anti-American speils and giver of love to Cop Killers... The Internet has just exploded with videos of this moron spitting out his version of black liberation theology. If you close your eyes when watching any of the videos, you could swear it was Rev. Wright talking.

The avowed Communist was enough but now we are finding out that this Czar is truly a member of the way out there left. From comparing President Bush to a "crackhead trying to lick the last bit of crack from a crack pipe" to pontificating about how "only white kids shoot up schools Columbine style" to "fighting back against America's global military system", it just keeps a rollin' on. Breitbart TV has done a great job of pulling videos together and many can also be found on YouTube. I thought about posting them here but I'd have to do about 15 separate posts to accomodate all his stupidity.

But here is one video about Van Jones that I will post - it's one of THE Valerie Jarrett - the female version of Karl Rove for Obama - praising Van Jones. It's going to be hard to fit him under the bus after Jarrett talks about "following him since Oakland"...

As much as I despire Van Jones and all the hatred & baggage he brings into OUR White House, it will be sad to see him go for the last ride under the bus. He's been such a font of blog topics that it will seem kinda boring. Oh well I guess we'll just have to do some more digging on one of the other Czars.

BTW kudos to Glenn Beck for having the brass cajones to stand up and expose this lying communist for all he is worth. The media tries to paint Glenn's sleuthing as payback for the Color of Change/Van Jones' inspired boycott of Beck's show. What they fail to mention is that Beck was after Van Jones long before the boycott and I believe the "Obama is a racist" hoopla was simply an excuse for Van Jones and his comrades to try to take down Glenn. Bit off a little bit more than you could chew eh Van Jones & company?

While I'm at it, there is a great blog that is posting some relevant and un-reported info about the Czars. Take a look at New Zeal and see what you think...

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