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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Guess I Am A Racist

According to Jimmy Carter, Maxine Waters and an assortment of talking heads & "progressives", if you oppose President Obama you are a racist. I have never thought of myself as a racist before - I don't look at people's skin color as an indication of what type of person they are. I prefer to judge people by their words and their actions. But all this talk of dissent being racist has made me rethink my feelings...

I vehemently oppose any public option health care or any other type of government intrusion into my medical care. I guess that makes me a racist.

Using my tax money to pay for an abortion is abhorrent to me. Call me a racist.

I think the government needs to stay the heck out of the car business, the bank business and the student loan business. Add another point for my racist attitude.

I have been a nurse for 28 years and have worked very hard to get where I am today. I don't want my money to subsidize others who prefer to sit on their butts and wait for a handout. Oops - racist again.

I love my country and believe that our Constitution is the bedrock of our nation. I will fight with my last breath to defend the Constitution and all that it stands for. I guess I am a racist.

I believe in capitalism and letting the free market work. I believe that socialism, communism or any other "-ism" the progressives choose to throw out there are a direct violation of our Constitution and will have our founding fathers spinning in their graves. Chalk up another racist violation for me.

I believe that sitting in a church listening to a "preacher" denigrate the USA and "white" Americans or paling around with someone who thought bombing the Pentagon was a good idea is evidence of the kind of person you truly are in your heart. Well.... call me a racist.

I shun any attempt at politically correct speech including the banning of the words "liar", "sexual misconduct", etc on the House Floor and believe it is another attempt to stifle Free Speech and dissent. Another racist belief...

I want my children, my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren, et. al to grow up enjoying all the freedoms that come with being an American and not having to work until they are 92 to pay off our tax debt. Yep - that's racist.

So go ahead Maxine and Jimmy - call me a racist and have me investigated for my "fringe" beliefs. I am not afraid of you or your brownshirted thugs welding batons in front of polling places. If it means that I operate on a different level of morals and values from you then I take it as a compliment.

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