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Friday, September 25, 2009

Israeli PM Lays It All on the Line at the UN - Positively Churchillian

Unfortunately I didn't get to see the speech live but just watching the videos gives me the chills. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu literally called the UN out for the lying hypocrites they are but did so in a respectful statesmanlike manner - unlike the raving lunatics Gaddafi and Allmyjihad. This is one UN Speech that will go down in history. Video is in 4 parts and I HIGHLY recommend watching the whole series...

Oh if only OUR President had taken this same attitude when speaking on Wed instead of prostrating himself on the altar of the UN while nutjob dictators dropped trou for the President to kiss their ass.

For a different presentation of the speech, you must go read Cinnamon Girl's post over at FreeRepublic. She has posted the historically timely pictures to go along with the words. Beautiful!!

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