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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome to Obama-Land

In Obama land up is down and down is up. Case in point his speech today at the United Nations.

In Obama-land, praise from Castro goes into the plus column. Having Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi endorse you for President for Life of the United States something to hang your hat on

In Obama-land, the Israelis are the bad guys and Hamas/Hezbollah are the victims. The Israelis are “Occupiers” and are to blame for the 100’s of rockets fired into their cities.

In Obama-land, the United States is not a world leader and is no longer considered a “super-power”. All the blood, sweat and tears shed by our countrymen in the cause of freedom are something to be ashamed of and to apologize for.

In Obama-land we are torturers and warmongers. We are the imposers of democracy instead of respecting other countries.

In Obama-land we no longer have nuclear weapons but regimes, such as Iran, can keep their nukes if they will just sit down and talk to us.

In Obama-land it is okay to turn against our allies and fall at the feet of Russia.

I thought that Bill Clinton was an embarrassment after the Lewinsky incident but Obama has just taken the lead on my embarrassment scorecard and is in a tie with Jimmy Carter.

Today Obama proved that he IS Reverend Wright – just without the curse words and with lots more arrogance.

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