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Saturday, November 07, 2009

This Sovereign American - An Open Letter To DC

Found this over at FreeRepublic and almost gave it a standing ovation in my office. Mega Chickenhawk Tip O'The Hat to Neil E. Wright...

This letter is published to advise the federal government in Washington D.C. that this SOVEREIGN AMERICAN will NOT submit to the marxist/communist coup currently taking place in Washington, D.C., and will ACTIVELY OPPOSE IT.

This SOVEREIGN AMERICAN will IGNORE any laws, rules or regulations that come from Washington D.C. that further restrict the FREEDOM and LIBERTY of individuals, and will in the future IGNORE any PREVIOUS, UNConstitutional laws, rules or regulations that have restricted the FREEDOM and LIBERTY of individuals in this country.

Further, this SOVEREIGN AMERICAN will encourage others to ignore any laws, rules or regulations that restrict the FREEDOM and LIBERTY of any individual in this country.

Whether the laws relate to "health insurance mandates", gun laws, environmental law or any other "law" that restricts INDIVIDUAL Americans from utilizing their own personal property, or that restricts what we can eat, or how much, what we can drink, what type of toilet we are "required" to have, what we can or cannot say, what we can think, how we must provide "service" to ANYONE, how much we can donate to our favorite charities, who we can associate with, I'm here to tell you to take all your "demands," your "laws, rules and regulations" and print them out, then fold the printout until it is all sharp corners AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR COLLECTIVE ASSES!


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