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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Gibbs Throws SecDef Gates Under the Bus

Something about Robert Gibbs just makes me smile - maybe it's his unique way of showing what an ignorant fool he is or perhaps it's because he demonstrates every day what an ass he really is.

While attempting to be glib and get another dig at the Bush Administration, Gibbs threw Obama's own Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, under the bus... (Courtesy of RedState)

Robert Gibbs cheerfully responded to Donald Rumsfeld’s denial that he’d denied troops to Afghanistan with, first, a clarification that Obama had been talking about the post-Rumsfeld era of 2008.

…”I will let Secretary Rumsfeld explain” whether the war in Afghanistan “was sufficiently resourced during his tenure” … and how he thinks “history will judge whether they were or were not sufficient,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs quipped: “You go to war with the secretary of Defense that you have.” (emphasis mine)

Whoo-Wee - now that's a knee slapper. Dontcha love how he turned Rummy's own words back on him? Wait - rewind and rethink...

ROBERT GATES was the Secretary of Defense after Rumsfeld. Who is the Obama Administration's Secretary of Defense? ROBERT GATES! So is Gibbs saying the their own SecDef dropped the ball on Afghanistan and is still running the show?

Ye gads - what an idiot.

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