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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pray For the People of Haiti - UPDATED


The people of Haiti are in need of our prayers after today's earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. The few pictures that have come out are just horrendous. Here's one pic from a Haitian website...

The pics posted at the website linked above are definitely NOT for children - many are quite graphic. I'm sure as time passes and some type of communication is set up, the death toll will climb rapidly.

If you want to donate to the relief efforts, make sure that you are giving to a reputable charity. You know how scammers love to get their fishy hooks into crisis generosity. I recommend the Red Cross - but then again I'm a volunteer with them so who else would I recommend. The Red Cross has already pledged over $200,000 to Haitian relief efforts and have already started distributing supplies from their storage in Panama.

UPDATE 1/13/10 0900:
Here's a pic of the Haiti Presidential Palace before the earthquake...

Here's a pic of the Presidential Palace after the earthquake

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