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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scenes From the State of the Union

Refused to watch the speech live but was able to pick up some of the more "memorable" moments from the Internet and Twitter this AM.

Here's the most controversial moment of the night.  Obama calls out the Supreme Court during his speech and the Dems give him a standing ovation.  A case of intimidation if I've ever seen one.  Justice Alito, though, doesn't hold back and has his on "you lie" moment.  You can see him shaking his head "no" and saying the words "not true".  I knew I really liked Alito from the start.

Here's another moment when BO goes off on another "blame Bush" tirade.  Tiresome at best but completely false at the worst.  Here's how John McCain reacted to another episode of BDS - you can see him mouth the words "blame Bush again" and then laugh...

Last but not least - it's great to know that the head of Homeland Security is just SOOO on top of things.  Here's a pic of NAPolitano during the SOTU...

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