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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Obama Critics Not Just Racists - Now We're Aiding Al Qaeda

Let me see if I have this straight - if you are a critic of the Obama Administration, you are not only racist but are aiding Al Qaeda?  So says John Brennan in an op-ed in USAtoday this AM.

Politically motivated criticism and unfounded fear-mongering only serve the goals of al-Qaeda.

Yes that is a direct quote from the op-ed. Disagree with how the Obama administration handled the panty-bomber and you are simply a "terrorist enabler".  Brennan also called the fretting about civilian trials and mirandizing terrorists "absurd".

Well let me tell Mr. Brennan a thing or two about enabling terrorists - for 8 years we heard nothing but defeatism and Bush hatred from the Left.  The late John Murtha was just one of the 1000's to spew venom about our fight against terrorism and our Military.  The constant drumbeat of "failure" and "the war is lost" did nothing but bolster the confidence of al Qaeda.  Despite the Left's best efforts, the Bush Administration was successful in keeping this country safe.  Instead of sitting around with our thumbs up our ass for 8 years after repeated terrorist attacks, as we did during the Clinton years, we took the fight to the terrorists.  Instead of treating people with no compunction for killing children for the sake of Jihad as simple criminals, we treated them as enemy combatants.  If anyone dared to criticize the Dems or their attacks against the Military or the war on terror, shouts of "free speech" could be heard from the rooftops.

Now we have a President who apologizes for our country - even goes on his own little "world tour" to tell everyone how horrible our country has been to them.  Yet this President goes AWOL for 3 days after an evil-doer attempts to bring down an airplane full of innocent people.  Then when tough questions are asked, this administration can't even get its own story straight.  First it was Obama calling the shots, then Holder said he took the reins and now we're supposed to believe it was thoroughly discussed by top officials before mirandizing the terrorist?  It took President Obama longer than that to decide on a dog for his children...

In the words of our President - Let me be clear.  If there is anyone aiding al Qaeda it is those that seek to undermine our efforts in the war against terrorism.  The pure evil of the hearts of those that want to destroy us could care less about what political party is in power.  They don't select their targets by political party.  So instead of pointing fingers at everyone else, it is time for the President and his administration to "man up" and take the fight to the terrorists instead of his critics.

Mr. Brennan and the Obama adminstration may need "no lectures" but they need to get a clue.

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