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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Liars, Cheats and Deadbeats, Oh My!

What a week this has been!  We have been subjected to lies and the liars that tell them during the whole Debt Ceiling debacle.  I have never witnessed a sitting President of the United States lie repeatedly on national TV on multiple occasions while the media just laps it up.  Then the media starts spouting the very same talking points. Not only the lies, but the blatant hypocrisy and vile rhetoric spewing from the Left has just reached a fever pitch.  At any moment I expected to see foam covering Press Sec Carney's mouth when Ed Henry pressed him on a question about the President's plan.  And how about the VP of the United States calling 60% of Americans "terrorists"??  What really chaps my arse is this is from the same administration that refuses to call an actual terrorist a "terrorist".

I know that I have been extremely remiss in my blogging but life has just consumed almost every waking moment the past 6 months - well actually the past almost 3 years now.  With political season heating up, you can be sure that I will MAKE time to blog.  You can also follow me on Twitter - @robin0120 - which has become quite an addiction.

So... I can't finish a post about liars, cheats and deadbeats without bringing you up to date on my whole divorce drama.  My goodness this whole thing has been just too twisted for words.  Finally had the hearing back in September 2010 BUT it took the Judge until June 1, 2011 to issue his final settlement decision and decree of divorce.  I was actually shocked beyond words when I got to the "what did I get" part - more money than I originally asked for and sole possession of my 401K.  Guess the judge didn't have a problem seeing through the lies of TheColdOne on the witness stand.  The judge gave him 60 days to pay me in full.

On the very last day of the deadline for filing an appeal, TheColdOne's attorney filed an appeal.  It was really pretty sad because it was pretty much based on a clerical error and didn't have one ounce of fact based merit.  Of course we replied and the judge completely dismissed the appeal and signed an amended order with the corrected clerical error - there was no change whatsoever in the settlement but he did leave in the date for the payment from the original order.  Well of course that date has come and gone and I still don't have the money. TheColdOne's attorney is not returning phone calls or emails from my attorney so we are filing the contempt paperwork by the end of the week.  Since TheColdOne is supposed to judge at the Hunting Retriever Club's Grand Competition in Canada in September, we are also asking the judge to withhold his passport and restrict all travel until he pays up.

You may think I'm bitter - I am but not about the divorce or the failed marriage.  I am mad as hell that TheColdOne can't even man up enough to pay his responsibilities. I know it just pissed him off to see what the judge ordered for the settlement - should have taken the $8000 settlement offer idiot - but that's how the chips fell.  You can believe that if the situation were reversed, he would be beating down my door to get the money. It's not my fault that he spent money like a drunken sailor at the low-class Hooters wannabe bar near our house or that hanging with strippers at the Gold Club cost so much.

But in the end, he will have to pay up.  He's not hurting me by not paying - that's the whole point of the little game he is playing.  I have the money to pay for my daughter's wedding and I've managed quite well with just my salary for the past 2 1/2 years.  I hope, for his sake, that he decides to do the right thing sooner than later.  It will be quite embarrassing to have to admit to the Grand Committee that he can't judge the field trials because he is a deadbeat.

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