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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Way Past Time for Justice

The GA Board of Pardons and Parole issued a denial of clemency for cop-killer Troy Anthony Davis this AM. FINALLY - all appeals are now exhausted.  The Board's decision cannot be overturned by the Governor.  So it looks like justice will finally be served for the cold-blooded murder of Savannah Police Officer Mark MacPhail after 20+ years.

The spectacle surrounding the appeals in this case has been at best misguided - at worst a disgraceful display of race-baiting.  For those of us following this case from the DAY OF THE MURDER, the mockery of our judicial system by 2 organizations looking to cash in on the case has left a horrendous taste in our mouth.  Amnesty International used the murder of Officer MacPhail as a platform for their anti-death penalty views.  There was never any question of guilt or innocence  - it was all about stopping the death penalty.  For the NAACP, well the reasons certainly don't need to be explained.  Just the same old typical race card plays that have become the norm from the NAACP.

This case had nothing to do with race but everything to do with justice.  I throw up in my mouth every time I hear the media spew the same talking points about witness recantation.  They always forget to bring up the fact that the recantations came YEARS after the original trial and were actually not really recantations - more of a "I can't remember" claims. Lost in all the propaganda is the shell casing matching the casing used in a shooting earlier in the tragic evening for which Troy Anthony Davis was convicted of.  Also lost is the pair of Davis' shorts in his mother's washer that contained forensic evidence that tied Davis to the murder.  Davis' mother claimed that the police forced their way into her home and she did not give them permission to search the washer so the evidence was tossed out.

So tomorrow night at 7pm the family of Mark MacPhail will finally see that justice has been done.  Someone claimed today that the family will get their revenge when Davis is executed.  I call bravo sierra on that - the family will get to see justice that has been delayed for 20+ years finally delivered.

I actually had someone on Twitter call me ignorant and being glad someone was being put to death was distasteful.  I explained that what was distasteful was a thug and punk shooting a mortally wounded off-duty police officer in the face and the creep smiling as he pulled the trigger.

If you want to read more about the FACTS in this case and the background, search Troy Anthony Davis in the search box above.

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