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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

While The Emperor Fiddled, the World Was Burning

Yesterday President Obama went to Colorado for a couple of fundraisers and a little downtime from all his "hard work" at the White House.  While he was having just a good old time and yucking it up, the world continued to spiral out of control.  Forget that we are in the midst of another one of this administrations royal f*&*ed up manufactured crisis, the turmoil across the globe has the entire world on edge.

Most of the sane people know that the last thing on Obama's to-do-list is truly working on fixing a problem - unless it involves the fundamental transformation of the USA. But even some Dems are beginning to wonder where Obama's head is at. Frankly I know where his head is at, but it is telling that some of the syncophants are beginning to question "The One".

Since there are so many low-information voters who seem to only understand pictures, I thought I would do a little visual display of exactly how concerned the President of the United States is with the current state of the USA and the world.

For those having a hard time getting upset about the apparent lack of giving a crap by President Obama, imagine if these were pictures of President George Bush.  Heads would be exploding all over the world!

While Obama was shaking hands with Mr. Horse Head...
ISIL terrorists in Iraq were destroying the Tomb of Jonah

While Obama was fist-bumping a gorilla statue...
Our borders were being overrun with illegal immigrants

While Obama was tossing back a pint...

Israel's Iron Dome was working overtime to protect its citizens

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