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Friday, March 17, 2006

Budding Trees and Heroes at Ft. Stewart

Fort Stewart, GA is home to the 3rd Infantry Division. They just completed their second tour of duty of Iraq. The redbud trees that have planted on the base to honor those killed in Iraq have started blooming now. Here's the story about yesterday's dedication of 22 trees to more heroes from the Savannah Morning News. But the pictures from the ceremony tell the whole story (both pics in this post are from the ceremony)...

"Eighty-seven 3rd ID soldiers were killed in last year's deployment, compared to the 46 killed in action in 2003, when the division led the invasion into Iraq. The total number of wounded was not available on Thursday.
The 3rd ID not only plants trees for each of its fallen soldiers, but also for soldiers from other units across the country who were attached to the division in Iraq.

Maj. Gen. William G. Webster Jr., the 3rd ID commander, said each of the fallen "answered the call" to make a difference in Iraq. "Today, they (Iraqis) continue to move toward a democracy as they hold their first meeting of the permanent parliament that was elected because of your soldiers' sacrifice," Webster said.

Hundreds of soldiers in desert camouflage uniforms turned out for the dedication - the second of the monthly ceremonies many have been able to attend. A total of 316 trees now line two sides of Fort Stewart's parade grounds. With the onset of warm weather, most have begun to show their pink blooms."

God Bless Our Soldiers and their Families!

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