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Friday, March 17, 2006

GOP Crybabies in Congress Taking their Ball and Going Home

Today’s Washington Post had an article by Jim VandeHei, “GOP Irritation at Bush Was Long Brewing”. Basically it was an article about some whining GOP members in Congress that have yet to accept that the President is the Chief Executive and holds sway over Congress.

Sen. Lindsey Graham of SC called the White House “non-responsive and arrogant”. Graham went on to say that all the little slights (he called then a thousand small cuts) build up and spew forth when things are not going well. I find this absolutely hysterical coming from one of the “Gang of 14” who has his head so far up John McCain’s backside that some in talk radio call him Vice President Graham. Graham was ambivalent in his support of the President when the NSA Surveillance became an issue. During the Dubai Ports deal, he claimed the White House had a “tin ear”. I cannot imagine why the White House would not accept Graham with open arms and bow to his every wish. What a big baby!

Rep. Peter T. King of NY cried that Republicans in Congress took a lot of tough votes but did not get much in return. Oh poor Peter! What did you want in return? A hug? More spending in your district? King was elected to do a job as was President Bush. No one required King to take an oath of fealty to the President. The President of the United States has more on his plate than worrying if he satisfied the whims of some crybaby that did not get a present.

Sen. Norm Coleman of Minn. bit the hand that fed him. After all he won his seat in 2002 after a late push by President Bush. Now Coleman is running around telling the AP that the President needs to replace some of his Senior Staff. The arrogance is stunning. If the US citizens wanted Sen. Coleman to pick the President’s staff, we would have elected HIM President. Coleman needs to worry about doing his own job and clean his kitchen before he tries to clean the White House.

Rep. John Boehner of Ohio won his party leader title by “promising to return power to chairman and rank and file legislators” according to VandeHei. Boehner also promised to be “less concerned about accommodating the White House.” The power trip meter is red-lining. Name me one time in 5 years that Congress has been concerned with accommodating the White House. Perhaps Boehner needs to read the Constitution again, especially the part about Executive Privilege.

We voted to put a Republican majority in Congress – for all the good it has done us. The Republican Congress has yet to act like a majority. Tit for tat backstabbing and focusing on their own seat of power has left us average Republicans on the verge of a screaming fit. They have accommodated the Dems at every turn. Not one has stood up and fought back against the Democrats. Instead they stand there wringing their hands and almost falling to the ground for lack of a spine.

President Bush has been subjected to horrendous insults, name calling and just out and out hatred. Has anyone in the GOP Congress defended the President? The only person that comes to mind is Vice President Cheney responding to Sen. Leahy on the Senate floor. Where were the Republicans in Congress when President Bush absorbed all of the blame for Katrina? They were standing right beside the Dems pointing their fingers at the President. Where were the GOP Congress members when President Bush was trying to shore up Social Security? They were hiding behind Hillary’s overly large ankles. “No Child Left Behind” did not get the funding it needed, but the Congress got a raise. Instead of getting the facts on the Dubai Port Deal, the GOP in Congress danced like chickens on a hot plate to Sen. Schumer’s music.

So excuse me if I feel nothing but disdain for those Congressional Republicans that feel slighted by the Bush Administration. Quit acting like a bunch of Hollywood crybabies and do your damn job! All this posturing against the President is not going to win you any elections – just take a look at the Dems.

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