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Monday, March 06, 2006

Cindy Sheehan Arrested (Again) - Please Keep her this Time.

Cindy Sheehan gets hauled off to the pokey again. (I think she likes it - I know she likes the publicity). Instead of showing her panties, this time she showed off the rolls of fat - notice the big old smile, though...This time she was sitting on her arse in front of the US Mission at the United Nations in protest because they would not accept her little "get out of Iraq" petition. She was accompanied by a group of "Iraqi" women in town for the CodePink love in and Bush bashathon. One "Iraqi" woman, Entisar Mohammad Ariabi, reportedly a pharmacist at Baghdad's Yarmook Teaching Hospital, wept as she told reporters about the hardships women in Iraq face. According to Reuters, Ariabi said "US occupation has destroyed our country, made it into a prison. Schools are bombed. Hospitals are bombed." As usual, there was no mention of the hospitals rebuilt, the schools rebuilt, the sewage no longer pooling in crap holes in the street, no more chopping off hands or getting run through the shredder for speaking out. She was able to leave the country of her own free will and come to America to protest what we have done there. What a crock of crap! We have sacrificed over 2000 brave young men and women and she comes here whining? If not for the sacrifices, her sorry butt would not have been able to travel to the US, much less get to protest the US with "Peace Activist Sheehan". Bah Humbug to you Ms. Ariabi.

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