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Monday, March 06, 2006

A Hero Laid to Rest Peacefully

Today was the funeral for Sgt. Rickey Jones who was killed in Iraq. According to news reports, Fred Phelps and his little group of hatemongers did NOT show up at the funeral. Thank goodness the family was able to bury Sgt. Jones without the disgusting display by Phelps & Co. No one has been arrested for the vandalism of Sgt. Jones' home or the horrendous phone calls placed to his family but Phelps' group denies any involvement. Here's some blurbs from news reports about Sgt. Rickey Jones' funeral...

"Sgt. Rickey Jones' hometown couldn't protect their hero in Iraq from a roadside bomb, but on the cold and rainy day of his burial they were determined to guard his memory."
"...the hundreds of people in and outside the Kokomo church where Sgt. Jones is eulogized with the governor and congressmen in attendance, or the hundreds more lining roads of the city waving flags. Cindy Bennet says, "We're a strong community and we love our men and women in the armed forces."
"Unlike a half dozens funerals of Indiana soldiers, protesters skipped Sgt. Jones. The only signs were held in honor of a hero."

God bless the family of Sgt. Rickey Jones.

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