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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Did You Know...?

I am going try to report positive news from Iraq on a daily basis since our media refuses to... All info will be sourced and links provided for your convenience. If I can find this info, the media certainly could locate it. The difference is that they CHOOSE to not report the positives. Too many positives reflects too much good light on President Bush...

New Air Base Opens in Baghdad
BAGHDAD, Iraq – The Iraqi Air Force, along with its Coalition partners, officially opened a new air-base in Baghdad, March 7.

The Al Muthana Air Base, near the international airport, provides a foundation on which Iraq’s Air Force can rebuild with help from its allies.

On display were two C-130E transport aircraft, paid for by both the United States and Iraqi governments as part of a U.S. and foreign military sales program, said U.S. Air Force Maj. David Barna, a deputy base unit support advisor.
The planes will be used to support the Iraqi Armed Forces in rapidly deploying equipment and personnel and monitoring Iraq’s borders, he said. Read More....

Two Terrorists Captured & Weapons Cache Found After Tip from Iraqi Civilians
BAGHDAD, Iraq — Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, captured two terrorists in Abu Ghraib Feb. 26.

Soldiers from the battalion’s Company B were conducting a routine inspection of vehicles in western Abu Ghraib. Prompted by his previous experiences in Iraq, 1st Lt. Scott Treadwell, Co. B, ordered his Soldiers to search a suspicious vehicle.

Treadwell’s men discovered two known murderers of Iraqi civilians. The two men were carrying rifles and contracts for the murder of other Iraqis.

A day prior, Soldiers from the battalion’s Co. C found a large weapon cache after days of diligent searching.

No longer willing to tolerate terrorists in their neighborhoods, Iraqis provided the Soldiers with the cache’s location. The Soldiers quickly verified the location and discovered weapons buried in an empty field a few miles west of Baghdad’s heart. The Soldiers unearthed a significant cache. Along with bomb-making equipment, the cache held five rocket propelled grenade launchers, 19 rocket-propelled grenades, 20 mortars, eight rockets, 21 grenades and some explosives. Read more....

Little Known Fact...
During Saddam's rule, Internet access was limited and censored. Today, Iraqis are flocking to an uncensored Internet in Iraq, with over 2,000 Internet cafes serving them. Read more...

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