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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cowardly Lions in the House

My complete and total disgust at the members of Congress came full circle today when the GOP house members of the Appropriations Committee voted with the Democrats to block the DP World ports deal. So desperate for face time in the media and trying to shore up their re-election prospects, the GOP House Reps ignored the facts and just parroted the media's talking points. Here's part of the article from the AP...

"In an election-year repudiation of President Bush, a House panel dominated by Republicans voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to block a Dubai-owned firm from taking control of some U.S port operations.

By 62-2, the Appropriations Committee voted to bar DP World, run by the government of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, from holding leases or contracts at U.S. ports. Bush has promised to veto any such measure passed by Congress, but there is widespread public opposition to the deal and the GOP fears losing its advantage on the issue of national security in this fall's elections.

By its vote, the House committee attached the ports language to a must-pass $91 billion measure financing hurricane recovery and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The full House could consider that measure as early as next week."

Can someone please explain to me why a President that has led the fight for national security would compromise our security over the Ports Deal? These "brave" Congressmen are so sure of their position on the ports deal, they attach it to a bill funding hurricane recovery and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. By doing this little sleight of hand, they win no matter what. If President Bush vetoes the bill, then he "cuts off funding to the military and hurricane victims". If he signs the bill, then he hands a victory to the Schumers and Kings in the Congress. If the House is so firm in its belief, then I challenge them to put the ports deal in a bill all on its own.

Instead of worrying about losing their advantage on the issue of national security, the House Republicans should worry about losing elections because they are nothing more than clones of the Democrats. They have proved that they cannot think for themselves and are stubborn jackasses, even to the detriment of the country. No one is asking them to just fall in line with the President but this public smackdown of the President proves that the GOP just doesn't know how to handle the majority role in Congress. There is a 45 day investigation into the Port Deal but the House Repubs are so worried about their political prospects, that was just too long for them to wait.

Shame on you all for refusing to get the facts and researching the issue on your own. You can all pat yourselves on the back for helping the left undermine our President and holding our troops hostage for your own political agenda. You are nothing more than Chickens and Cowards.

UPDATE: Sister Toldjah reports that the House may have jumped the port shark according to statements from Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist...

UPDATE 2: Sister Toldjah is on the same page as me. She is just as fed up with the lies and misinformation as I am.

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