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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mama Moonbat Gets A Boo-Boo

Mama Moonbat is now claiming that she was roughed up when she was arrested in front of the UN earlier this week. Here's the scoop from the Village Voice...

"Gottlieb said Sheehan injured her arm during the arrest and requested medical attention at the precinct, though he did not know how serious the injury was. Photos shot by AP show her screaming as a police officer pulls her up by the arm and later looking rather uncomfortable inside a paddy wagon. "

Screaming??? Does this look like she's screaming? Looks more like laughing to me....

Looking uncomfortable in the Paddy Wagon?? Does she look uncomfortable?

Then there's this little blurb from the Village Voice printed the day of the arrest....

"But the peace mom bore a smile as she was led into the arrest van with the three other Code Pinkers. "My son was killed in Iraq!" she shouted before the doors slammed shut in front of her face. "

Now THAT sounds more like the Mama Moonbat ravings that we have been subjected too since August 2005... Cindy's PR team needs to be more careful in the consistency department.

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