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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Guess Who Leaked the DP World Email?

This whole situation with P & O, DP World and Eller & Co is just so bizarre. More twists and turns than a pretzel factory... Found this article, "Dubai accused of lying on ports", buried deep in Internet search land.

Remember the email that was "leaked" to the media that implied that DP World was not going to sell its US assets? Guess who the leaker was? (no it wasn't Sen. Rockefeller)... None other than Eller & Co's own lawyer, Michael Kreitzer. Kreitzer said "we're making this public because we think Congress should do what it planned last week - to pass a bill to specifically disavow the Dubai company from owning a US port operation."

This really takes the cake. Here is the company that went on a massive propaganda campaign against the Dubai firm and literally slandered the company with its hate speech. Then it turns out that Eller & Co had an ax to grind with P&O and recruited Schumer to play lead puppeteer in the Congress. Now Eller & Co is considering an offer to buy out operations from DP World in Miami and possibly at other ports. I am no lawyer but this has to be a crime...

Meanwhile, SSA Marine in Seattle, the largest US based port operator, had been planning to accept DP World as its joint-venture partner at ports in Philly, Wilmington Delaware and Camden NJ. SSA was a partner in those ports with P&O. The VP of SSA, Bob Watters, saw "no security issues in having DP World as its partner at the three East Coast ports." Watters also said "All the same people were going to be in place to run the business, so we had no concerns about security."

Now keep in mind this is the same kind of deal that Eller & Co were going to have with DP World in Miami. SSA had no issue with security, no fears of losing customers because DP World was an Arab company or any of the other excuses that Eller & Co with cohort Schumer spewed all over the airwaves. Imagine that - Eller & Co were making it all up...

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