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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jill Carroll Nominated for Academy Award for her hysteria video

I am glad that Jill Carroll is alive and unharmed. I am very happy for her parents, friends and family - it must be quite a relief for them.

Now... This whole thing stinks last yesterday's garbage. It has smelled peculiar since the "kidnappers" kept adjusting the deadline for their demands. Those of you that have followed Chickenhawk Express have read my post about Jill Carroll and the unusual matching pictures from the web. For those of you that don't recall the post, click here.

Today the kidnappers just "dropped" Jill off at a Sunni political office. Coincidentally she was on her way to meet a Sunni leader when she was kidnapped. She was in good condition - no signs of injury or mental anguish. As a matter of fact, she looked as if she had put on weight.

It didn't take her long before Jill was actually defending her kidnappers saying "I was treated very well." Comments such as "They never hit me. They never even threatened to hit me" contradicted the vision of her wailing and crying on the 2nd video released by her captors.

Jill gave an interview with an Iraqi TV station wearing a light green Islamic headscarf and a gray Arabic robe. She was eager to report her room had a window and a bathroom. According to her interview, she was not tied up or restrained in any way. She actually had access to a newspaper on a few occassions and a TV on one occassion. Despite the ordeal, Jill was smiling and talked about the "nice furniture" and the "good food"at the hideout.

Not one mention of the Iraqi translator that was killed during her kidnapping. Not one. This from the woman that wrote that Iraq was her home. This from the woman that was reported to be "doing house cleaning" by the Interior Ministry several weeks ago.

This is a scam and a complete hoax. Jill Carroll is no victim. The victims are the people that prayed and hoped for her safe return while she ate the "good food" in the room with the window and "nice furniture". I certainly hope that she gets a serious debriefing by the US Government. In the meantime, expect an overdose of the martyr Jill Carroll in the media. I imagine a 7 figure book deal is soon coming and probably a TV movie. Maybe there will be a new Jill Carroll clothing line so all little girls that want attention can look just like her. What about a Jill Carroll action figure that will cry on demand?

Don't ask me to feel anything except loathing and disdain for this woman. I am just greatful that no soldiers were called in to risk their lives for her rescue. I long for the day that Jill Carroll is exposed for the fraud that she is.

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