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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jill Carroll - Some Interesting Updates Make This Stink

Interesting update on Jill Carroll. Seems that her "kidnappers" made a video prior to releasing her. This snip is from SBS World News Australia. No one has released the video yet but Little Green Footballs is also reporting this... Please note that this has NOT been confirmed or verified...

A video posted on the internet, which could not be independently verified, showed Ms Carroll in an interview apparently conducted by her captors before they released her.

"Did you think the American army or the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) would save you at any time," a muffled male voice asked Ms Carroll in accented English.
"Sometimes I thought maybe that they might come, they might find me, they might find a way to know where I am and come get me," she answered.

"Why did not they save you?" asked the interviewer.
"I think the mujahedeen are very smart and even with all the technology and all the people that the American army has here, they still are better at knowing how to live and work here, more clever," she said

"Does this mean something to you?" the man questioning her asked. "It makes very clear that the mujahedeen are the ones that will win in the end," Ms Carroll said in the video.

Also CBS News is reporting that Carroll has refused military transport out of Iraq. She has NOT agreed to be interrogated or debriefed by the US Military. I wonder why????

This whole thing is getting stinkier and stinkier....

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