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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cindy Sheehan Is a Liar

Yesterday I posted about the Vacaville Funeral Home owner that completely debunked Mother Moonbat's claims against the mortuary. Well today Gateway Pundit has done some excellent research and debunks Sheehan's claims about the disrespectful treatment of Casey's remains. This is straight from Mr. Nadeu the funeral home owner (courtesy of Gateway Pundit)...

Mr. Nadeau is very upset about the article that Cindy Sheehan wrote regarding the Nadeau Funeral Home in Vacaville, California. He also said that the funeral home is being inundated with calls of support from the community since the article was published. Mr. Nadeau said he wrote The Reporter in Vacaville but the paper did not publish most of the information that he had provided. Here is that information...
When questioned about the casket:
"The casket arrived in San Francisco from Dover which is 67 miles from Vacaville. Sacramento would not have been as far. The casket was a beautiful hardwood casket, government regulation. It was covered in an "airtray" to protect it during the flight. It is a certified covering that all caskets must be covered in when they are flown from one location to another.
What about the forklift?
"There was no forklift. The military men present and the airport employees were very reverent in unloading the casket of this young man. They set the casket on a set of rollers and were very respectful in unloading Casey Sheehan."

The Gateway Pundit also contacted MAJ OCPA Nathan Banks at the Pentagon’s Department of Media Relations for further factual documentation.

Cindy Sheehan has lied repeatedly. She has made kissy-face with known anti-American persons (i.e. Hugo Chavez, Ramsey Clark, Lynne Stewart, etc.) Sheehan has slandered our President, our country and our military. Most of all she has defiled her son's honor and memory by perpetuating lies in order to cull sympathy.

Meanwhile the enemedia treats Mama Moonbat like a princess that should never be questioned about her lies because she is a "grieving mother". Grieving mother my ass! She is nothing more than an attention seeker that is so desperate for attention she would sacrifice her son's honor to make the front page.

Shame on her and shame on her comrades. It's time the public was made aware of this travesty. Someone needs to give her a boot right in the bumper sticker!

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