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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Who Is The Liar Now?

Cindy Sheehan wrote a scathing response to those that questioned the lack of a headstone for Casey Sheehan's gravesite. Her buddy, Michael Moore, posted the response on his website. In the response, Cindy made numerous claims about mistreatment of her son's remains. She also claimed the government and the funeral home just "threw the family aside" after Casey's death...

"We had a Casualty Officer who abandoned us when our mortuary refused to pay the cemetery and told us that the "government sent the money to the mortuary, so now it is your problem. You may have to sue the mortuary."

Now the funeral owner of the mortuary Cindy referred to has come forward and completely refuted Cindy's claims about the funeral home. The story was published in the Vacaville Reporter...

"In her blog last week, Sheehan wrote that the mortuary had refused to pay the cemetery as it was supposed to. Steve Nadeau, the mortuary's owner, said Monday that not only did he properly pay the cemetery, but that he subsidized the process with his own money."

"In an e-mail sent to The Reporter Sunday, Nadeau expressed hurt and disbelief at Sheehan's comments. He said that the amount of money the military gave the mortuary for Casey's funeral service and cemetery arrangements didn't even come close to covering the costs."Several kind citizens made donations," said Nadeau. "I absorbed the rest."

"This was not the only way in which he went above and beyond his responsibilities following Casey's death, said Nadeau. He also provided a stretch limousine and a driver at his expense, he said, and invited the family to go to the airport with him so that he could accompany them. None of this was required, said Nadeau."

"Having known the Sheehan family for many years through St. Mary's Catholic Church where Ms. Sheehan had previously been the youth director, it was my desire to provide care and dignity to Casey and the family. I did this in every respect."

"Nadeau also refuted Sheehan's statement that the mortuary finally paid the cemetery only after the family threatened to bring the story to the media. "This never happened," said Nadeau. "I would stop by the family home as I do most families' homes and check with them on necessary needs, etc."

"Nadeau said the military provided his mortuary $5,736 in funding to pay for the funeral service and cemetery arrangements. The funding came in May 2004, said Nadeau, and he paid the cemetery as soon as the costs had been totaled and the donations received."

According to the article, Cindy Sheehan stood by her claim when confronted by the reporter. So in an effort to garner more public sympathy and extend her 15 minutes in the spotlight, Cindy lied about a fellow Church member who went over and above what was necessary to assist the family during the difficult time. Shame on her for taking advantage on his generosity and then making negative and false statements about him. The next time Cindy starts calling the President of the United States a liar, she should look in the mirror first to see what a liar looks like.

BTW Patrick Sheehan, Casey's Dad, is now responsible for Casey's grave. Mr. Sheehan said that a headstone is in the works at a local monument company (according to the article).

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