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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rolling Stone Magazine - Crass and Vile

Drudge and Wizbang Blog are both carrying stories about Rolling Stone Magazine's Friday edition that features an article calling President Bush the worst president in history. To add to the nastiness, the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine has a cartoon drawing of the President of the United States with chimpanzee features and wearing a Dunce Cap. I realize that RSM has every right to publish anything they want but damn this crosses the line.

While growing up, I was taught that you treat the President of the United States with respect. You don't have to like him personally or like the way he runs the country. BUT - you still respect the office. These types of personal attacks against the President of the United States have crossed all boundaries of decency and decorum. Would RSM publish a cartoon of Hillary or Bill that depicted them as monkeys? Hell no.

I would say that RSM should be ashamed but publishing this cover and this article while our nation is at war demonstrates that they have no shame. Vile and Crass - the only way to describe it.

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