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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cindy Takes the Muffin Top to Crawford (Again)

Mama Moonbat just can’t leave the spotlight. It’s not enough that she has been playing kissy face with Hugo Chavez and writing introductions to anti-military books. Cindy is back in Crawford even though President Bush will be at Camp David for Easter Weekend.

But Cindy doesn’t care if the President is there or not. What matters is that she gets more media coverage.

"We chased him away from his ranch," said Sheehan, whose son Casey was killed in Iraq in 2004. "We protest all over the country without him being in attendance, so I don't think it takes away (from this vigil) a bit because he never met with us anyway. It wasn't even like we ever sat down and had sweet tea together."

PSSST... Ms. AP Reporter... President Bush met with Cindy Sheehan in June 2004 after Casey's death...

WHY does the media insist on calling Sheehan a “peace” activist? They should call her what she really is – America Hater, Socialist Lover, Liar, Bush Basher, etc. etc. It amazes me that the media insists on citing Casey Sheehan’s death as Cindy’s driving force. The only thing driving Cindy is the media attention and the chance to be in the spotlight again. By the way, she still has not put a headstone or marker on Casey’s grave….

The Rev. Joseph Lowery – the very same preacher that used Coretta Scott King’s funeral as a Bush Bashing platform – will be leading the Sunrise Service for Easter in Crawford. Can’t wait to hear what kind of Bush Bashing screed he preaches to the flock.

Hey Cindy I heard it's gonna be warm in Crawford this weekend. Did you bring your muffin top?

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