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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Message to UC Santa Cruz: Don't Ask the Military for Help

UC Santa Cruz has once again blocked military recruiters from the campus job fair. The protest was organized by Students Against War. According to this article, the University Administration took the chicken's way out and can now claim zero responsibility for the action…

"University officials had been aware for weeks that Students Against War planned a protest to prevent military personnel from participating in the school's biannual job fair held for students.
Kliger (David Kliger - campus provost and executive vice chancellor) said officials had tried to engage the anti-war student group in discussions in the weeks leading up to the fair. But when talks broke down, officials began privately hoping for rain and brought in extra police."

What a bunch of spineless maroons!

The article reports that the Student Protestors were chanting “Don’t Come Back” as the recruiters left the campus. Wonder if the students would be chanting the same thing to our military if the UC Santa Cruz campus was under attack by terrorists? I say take ‘em at their word – no matter what happens on campus. Let them fend for themselves.

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