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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kerry Gets A Smackdown From RNC Spokeswoman

I missed the April 7th Political Notebook article by AP writer Beth Fouhy. Fouhy offered readers this scoop “Kerry Criticizes Bush”. What the heck is news about this? Kerry’s been doing this since his stupid “we need a regime change here” speech in 2003. Not only is he singing the same tune, he’s using the same lyrics. Kerry said “These guys are the most incompetent people I've ever seen in Washington in all the time I've been in public life.” Doesn’t this sound eerily like his little rant that was caught when Kerry thought the microphone was turned off?

Tracey Schmitt, a spokesperson for the RNC, countered with one of the best smackdowns that I have heard in a long time…
"John Kerry deserves credit for continuing to take himself so seriously, despite the fact that no one else does."

Now THAT is gonna leave a mark!!!

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