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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Connecting the Saddam and 9/11 Dots

A few days ago I posted about a translation of another Iraq document done by JVeritas. This document concerned a request for suicide bombers against American and Israeli interests. Seems that the Bush Lied crowd cannot accept the translation because it was done by a FReeper. Captain Ed over at Captain's Quarters took the bullcrap by the horns and hired 2 independent translators- neither one knew that the document had been previously translated or that others were hired to do the same thing.

Here's the results as reported by Capt Ed...

"They both returned their translations today, and their results make it clear that Joseph Shahda (JVeritas) had it right all along."

And that's not all. Capt Ed has put together an interesting timeline from previously known facts about the runup to Sept. 11 with some of the revelations from the document translations. It is chilling when you start connecting the dots....

"Now that we have established the translation of the memo from the Iraqi Air Force general to all units requesting volunteers for suicide missions against American "interests", the timing of the memo appears to fit into a disturbing sequence in the months prior to 9/11. This memo is dated March 17, 2001, less than six months prior to the coordinated al-Qaeda attack on the US, at a time when the AQ plotters and pilots appeared to be in close proximity to Iraqi intelligence agents in Europe....

The revelation of this memo and its timing suggest that the book has not yet closed on the 9/11 attacks, terrorist threats against the United States, or the threat posed to our interests by Saddam Hussein. These documents will provide a great deal of clarification to all these issues in the coming weeks."

Meanwhile, the mainstream "enemedia" completely ignores or poo-poo's the Iraqi documents and the translations. It does not fit their "I hate Bush" agenda. Already comments are abounding questioning the documents' origin and suggesting the Bush Administration faked them.

Amazing isn't it... Memos that show President Bush is right are fake. Memos that undermine the President are real even after proven fake. I seem to remember the mantra from the Left calling for an explanation of the information in the fake memos from Kinkos - "the memos may be fake but Bush still has to explain the information in them".

Well let's play the Libs game and see how well they perform... It doesn't matter if they think the docs are fake, the Left still has to explain the info contained in them.

As DocJim505 from Captain's Quarters said...
"Message to the libs: when your mother taught you not to play with sharp objects, she wasn't referring to Occam's Razor."

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