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Monday, April 10, 2006


I admit that I have been on the fence regarding some type of "guest worker" or "amnesty" program for illegal immigrants. Some days I think it's a good idea but then some days I believe it's a disaster waiting to happen. My main concern is stopping the flow of illegals across the border and holding businesses accountable. Nothing has really made me swing firmly to one side or the other -until today.

Those that have followed my articles, books and blog posts know the so-called "anti-war" groups have been in my sights for a while. It was my research into International ANSWER that set my blood boiling during the run-up to the war in Iraq. It is an issue that has been ignored by the media (what's new?) and by the FBI/CIA/IRS. These groups are nothing more than Communist front groups with one agenda - destroy the United States as we know it and turn the USA into the United States of Cuba. They hate the United States and hate President Bush even more. They blame the USA for all of the ills in the World. Heck even Ramsey Clark, a US citizen, is an attorney for Saddam Hussein. Yet these groups still operate in the open without any scrutiny.

So what does this have to do with Illegal Immigration? LOTS. The massive immigration rallies are being sponsored by International ANSWER, United for Peace and Justice and many other Hate America First organizations. The logo for ANSWER is quite prevalent on the manufactured signs at the rallies.

ANSWER'S website goes so far as to blame the USA for the economic failures of Mexico and others. They believe that immigration has increased "because of US neoliberal policies that rob countries like Mexico of the ability to develop and sustain their own economies." Forget that if not for the money and assistance provided by the United States, most of these countries would not exist.

Of course, capitalism is the root cause - "But immigrants aren't the real cause of unemployment or crime - it's the rotten system that puts profit over people." Notice that all references are "immigration" and "immigrants" - they conveniently leave out the "illegal" part. The fact is illegal immigration IS a crime all by itself.

In an ironic twist, the far left organizations abortion supporters are now crying "No Human Being Is Illegal" at immigration rallies. So now illegal immigrants have more rights than fetuses? And shocker of shocks - they equate the "racism" against immigrants with the "criminal war to conquer and control the wealth of Iraq". (Come on - you knew that was coming).

International ANSWER and its comrade organizations seek the downfall of our country. There is nothing that these organizations support that is a benefit to the United States. If they are supporting an amnesty program, then it is obvious that such a program would do nothing but harm our country. So in a way I am indebted to International ANSWER for helping me get off the fence and stand up for my country. Sometimes we all need a little slap upside the head...

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