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Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Hamas and Saddam Hussein Connection

Once again my hero, JVeritas, has translated another Iraq Document that serves to reinforce WHY we went to war in Iraq. This time he's uncovered a Hamas and Iraq connection.

Here's the info from FreeRepublic...

"The Respectful Mr. Director of the Intelligence Apparatus
Subject: Hamas Movement

We would like to inform your Excellency with the following:
1.The representative of the Movement in Baghdad and told us the following:

A. The leadership of the Movement in Damascus contacted him several times since the start of the brutal American aggression on Iraq renewing the covenant of standing with us with all the capabilites of the Movement and the leadership of the Movement saluted the Jihad resistance stand of our heroic people in all its sections and its brave confrontation to the enemy attack with all the bravery, and patience, and absolute faith.

B. Dr. Abdel Aziz Al Rantisi (member of the Movement political bureau) contacted him from Gaza and he send his regards and the that of the Palestinian people to the leadership and the Iraqi people and they saluted their heroic confrontation to the American barbaric attack and they renewed the stand of the Palestinian people inside the occupied territories with Iraq in heart and body and Rantisi confirmed that he is asking to open the Arab borders to the volunteers to participate with the Iraqi people in its honorable war against of the forces of infidels and they will conduct demonstrations and suicide operations in support of the honorable stand of the Iraq.

3. We assured him with our gratitude to their position and that it is not strange to the principles of the Movement and its work, and the sincerity of its intentions, however we will be happier if we hear about any campaign that targets the US and Zionist interests inside the occupied territories and outside it. "

Watch for this to be reported in the Mainstream media.... (insert sounds of crickets chirping)

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