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Monday, April 03, 2006

McKinney Shafts the Taxpayers

WSBTV in Atlanta has uncovered an interesting little tidbit about Cynthia McKinney. Seems that "she with the wild hair" borrowed a little bit of money from the Congressional Office Supply Fund to fly Isaac Hayes to GA for her new office dedication. Not only was this unethical, it was a "strict violation of Congressional Rules." I'm waiting for Feingold to start a movement to Censure Cynthia... Still Waiting... Still Waiting.......

Oh silly me - Cynthia is a DEMOCRAT. She is above any silly rules or ethics. Plus her staff said they would pay the money back. Yeah right - as soon as the Enemedia publishes the truth about the Iraq Document Translations.

The UPI reports that Cynthia truly has a "thing" for the Capital Police. This latest Zsa Zsa Gabor reinactment is Round Number Five in the McKinney-Capital Police steel cage match. But none of the other incidents were her fault. It was the "man" just trying to keep a "black progressive woman" down. Cynthia has got to be at her credit limit on her Race Card by now. I anxiously await the premiere of The Frogmarch of McKinney!

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