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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

UPDATE: I got an unexpected BD present this PM on my way to my birthday celebration. An intrepid small town policeman popped me with his radar laser and gave me a "special bd card" in the form of a speeding ticket! Yes, I admit it but I was one of 4 cars stopped by the officer when he walked to the middle of the road and stopped traffic. Out of the 4 cars, I was the one singled out for a ticket (two other cars ahead of me). The officer explained it as "the luck of the draw". I figured that since my driving record was clear for the past 12 years and it was my bd, I would get just a warning. NOPE - got the ticket and even a "happy birthday" from the policeman. He almost got an obscene hand gesture in response but I kept my composure. I tossed around some appropriate action in response to the ticket. First - not pay it cause all the illegal immigrants are getting away with breaking the law... Second - do a "reverse McKinney"- the officer was black and I'm white...
Third - call my Congress critter and request amnesty. Oh well... guess I'll just pay the damned thing! Great Birthday Surprise huh?

Forty five years ago today, the world was graced with my presence - at least that's what my Dad says. I was born screaming and have not shut my mouth since. Even though I have to work, I am going to take it slow and easy. Hey I bust my backside every day so I deserve it. I may not post much today cause my wonderful husband bought me an IPod and I have lots of music to download. So everyone enjoy their day and drink a margarita at 6pm EST with me!

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