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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jane Not Fond-a the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Jane Fonda. Just the name evokes pictures of her sitting on the anti-aircraft gun in Hanoi. The same gun that was used to shoot down Americans over Vietnam. Jane is back out on the publicity trail promoting the paperback release of her biography. On the Charlie Rose show Monday night, guest host Barbara Walters commiserated with Fonda over the continued obsession with "Hanoi Jane". Here's Fonda's reply courtesy of Newsbusters...

"Well, partly it’s organized. It’s not spontaneous. Some of it is probably spontaneous. But it’s sad, and in a way, it’s pathetic, that lo, these many years later, these people have not (pause) made sense of the war. They’re off base in terms of where the anger needs to be placed. And I’m made a lightning rod, and the right wing has been very assiduous in fanning the flame of the myth of Hanoi Jane. You know, they’ve spread lies on the Internet about things I supposedly did that aren’t true. And they’ve kept it alive because it suits their interests."

Surprise! A liberal blames the vast right wing conspiracy for the "sins" they committed. It wasn't a Jane Fonda problem - it's a right wing problem. Falls right in line with the Blame Bush type of reasoning the country has been saturated with.

Here's a little bit of backstory on what Fonda has said about the anger against her actions...

CBS News Interview with Leslie Stahl 3/31/05 - "It makes me sad, because I think that it's ill-placed anger. I'm a lightning rod..."

Guardian Interview 4/4/05 - "I'm just like this little pawn in this huge myth that's been created by people who need the myth to flog their rightwing narrow world view."

What is sad and pathetic is a 60++ actress hawking her soft porn biography while refusing to take responsibility for her actions and giving the same canned semi-apology for her traitorous behavior.

There is no "myth" of Hanoi Jane. Just ask the Vietnam veterans and POWs that were on the receiving end of the myth. The only myth is the blame Fonda places on the rightwing for her own treasonous actions.

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